Letter: Justice candidate offers integrity, balance


Updated10/31/2022 10:54 AM

As a woman and mother, I feel acutely aware of the actions courts across the country have taken to restrict our ability to make our own health care decisions. We in Illinois have felt protected from the fates of women in other states, but that protection is not guaranteed. We are only one court decision away from having our rights taken away.

Against the backdrop of Roe being dismantled, the urgent need to choose our higher court judges wisely cannot be overstated. Judge Chris Kennedy is the only judge running for the 2nd District Appellate Court who is endorsed by Pro-Choice organizations and leaders, including Personal PAC.

Currently all eight judges sitting on the 2nd District Appellate Court are Republicans. If elected, Judge Kennedy would become the first Democrat on the court. If you care about ensuring balance in our state’s higher courts, if you care about preserving women’s rights in Illinois, we must all speak up right now by voting for Judge Chris Kennedy.

In addition to bringing needed balance, you will not find a more qualified candidate than Judge Kennedy. He has received the highest ratings possible from every Bar Association that has reviewed the judicial candidates. Chris is highly respected by his peers in the legal community for his judicial wisdom, impartiality and fair and thoughtful treatment of every individual who comes before him.

With so much at stake in this election, we must vote on Nov. 8 for Judge Chris Kennedy. Our rights are on the ballot.

Mary Wang

Vernon Hills

Letter: Children’s safety is on the ballot


Where were you when you found out that 20 first-grade children and six teachers had just been slaughtered in Sandy Hook Elementary? Do you remember that horrific moment? What were you doing when you heard that once again, elementary children had been gunned down, this time in a classroom in Uvalde? Did your heart break when you heard the news that someone had just opened fire on a crowd of children and families during a 4th of July parade in a town near you, leaving so many lives shattered?

How many times must we watch these tragedies unfold?

It’s a sad fact that guns are now the leading cause of death for American children. But we have a chance to do something about that on Nov. 8 by voting for elected officials who understand the toll this problem is taking on our kids. I’m voting for Judge Chris Kennedy for the 2nd District of the Appellate Court because I know he is a person of tremendous integrity who will prioritize our children’s safety.

He brings wisdom, sound judgment, and compassion to the bench. A loving parent of three, Judge Kennedy has spent years advocating for children with special needs in order to pass laws that will protect them. If elected to the Appellate Court, he will bring that same dedication to protecting all our children.

Please vote for Judge Chris Kennedy for the 2nd District Appellate Court. Our children’s safety is on the ballot.

Gwen Janzen

Vernon Hills

Letter: Vote for Chris Kennedy

October 28, 2022 at 5:30 pm CDT


I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Judge Chris Kennedy for the past 20 years. Before he was a judge, for many years he provided us with legal representation in all facets of legal matters related to our business. His legal knowledge, integrity, attention to detail and commitment to his clients was unsurpassed.

Moreover, I have observed Judge Kennedy over the years not only as a lawyer, but also as a dedicated father. Despite the many challenges he faces as the parent of a child with special needs, he consistently demonstrates the kind of patience and kindness that is admirable as a father, but also will serve him well as a judge.

If voters of the 2nd District would like to have an appellate court judge who is smart, honest and fair, I implore you to vote for Judge Chris Kennedy for the 2nd District Appellate Court on November 8.

John Nelson Hinde

Lake Bluff